Rainbow Quartz Healing Talisman

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This stunning talisman is hand-crafted and infused with natural rainbow quartz from Brazil. 

This talisman is full of positive vibrations. From the moment you put it on, you will feel surrounded by grounding and protecting energies. You will feel free and balanced as if healing energy is circulating throughout your body.
A Powerful Piece For Both Men & Women! Please note, since this is handmade we have very few pieces currently available.

Talismans are believed to have a specific ability to bring a person’s powers to the surface. They've been used for centuries by healers around the globe to focus your mind and help you fulfill every desire you have.
This healing talisman contains Rainbow Quartz, which assists in manifestation and is used regularly in crystal healing practices. Since it has all colors of the rainbow, you will be guided to stimulate and open every chakra, resulting in a pleasant and enlightening spiritual experience